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KESSEBÖHMER Fitting Instructions

Please note that not all fitting instructions are available online. Some require 'to scale' templates that need to be requested from your sales rep.


Larder Units   Base Units   Corner Units   Lifters
Tandem II 450   DISPENSA Junior Slim   LeMans   FREE II Mini
Tandem II 600   150 Spice/Tray   LeMans II   FREE II Forte
Tandem 450   Portero Set 3   Carousel   FREEfold
Tandem 600   Cleaning Agent   Magic Corner   FREEfold (Short)
Dispensa   Cooking Agent   Move Board   FREEslide
Dispensa 150   Mixer Lifter V3     FREEswing
Tandem Solo 600   K-Line Base 300     MAXIlift
  Dispensa Junior III     MAXIlift Push
  Coffee Tandem     DUOlift
Kesseböhmer Spares       FREEfold Overhang
      FREEspace PTO