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Kesseböhmer Tall Units

Tall units from Kessebohmer, are attractive mechanisms in a variety of applications to make clever storage possible in the kitchen.

The ideals of clever storage are that stored food can be seen at a glance, not hidden in the dark recesses of a cabinet or shelf.

Tall units from Kessebohmer, glide effortlessly at the lightest pull, and in the case of touch control with a light knock on the cabinet front, to provide full access to stored goods. Baskets and mechanisms are manufactured in such a way as to provide the maximum available space to stored goods which is far above the industry standard.

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Convoy :

Convoy is the most impressive of all the tall units. This range - just recently introduced - is the perfect system to combine the ideals of Clever Storage. With Convoy – Kessebohmer has worked systematically to take the design of food storage units to a new level. One glance makes this evident: the trays appear to float effortlessly. They offer more usable space and excellent visibility – just the way they stand on supermarket shelves – so that you can clearly see the fill levels, the labels and even the use by dates.

Convoy fills the gaps in the range where larger unit widths and great stability are required. This innovative system features an extra-strength full extension runner and for added stability the top runner system is connected on the topside of a fixed shelf.

All the added features you would expect are included with Convoy Centro; soft opening and soft closing, clickfixx features for easy installation and height adjustable baskets.





Tandem :

Tandem - a swivel pull-out for larder units - offers new potential for food storage - just opening the door is an inspiration. In a clever piece of engineering, the back shelf element moves automatically towards the user as the door is pulled open.

Kitchen user can view contents at a glance and easily reach what they need. The shelf element on the door is designed to make best use of the available space.






Coffee Tandem :

In tall units housing a coffee machine, steamer, oven or microwave oven integrated at an ergonomic height, a Coffee Tandem unit fitted underneath is the ideal pairing. By splitting up the storage space, it makes for clearer organisation and fast access. Underneath a coffee machine, for example, one could store mugs, coffee, sugar - all in clear view and easy reach. It’s the ideal system for themed kitchen units.


Dispensa :

Perfect Storage sums up this popular solution. The trays and baskets can be individually hung at heights to suit the contents. The Dispensa larder pull out, is a versatile space miracle. It allows usersto fill up the whole width and height of a tall cabinet. It creates space, order and clarity. Thanks to the railings, all the stored goods - even in the upper levels - are visible from either side.

The new clickfixx technology means that installation is a breeze. All the parts fit together with a "click" firmer and stronger than ever.

Touch Control, a revolutionary addition to the Dispensa package is an optional accessory - with a small knock the mechanical arm pushes the door open with ease eliminating the need for handles.